CarPlay AI Box

Carlinkit CarPlay Ai Box with a built-in Android system supports downloading apps, watching videos, and playing games. It also supports wireless CarPlay and Android Auto.

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Tbox LED - Carlinkit Android 13.0 AI Box - Wireless Carplay & Android Auto Adapter

$479.99 USDFrom $149.00 USD
What is Carlinkit Tbox LED? The new Carlinkit Tbox Led, aka the Carlinkit TBox Max, which supports wireless CarPlay and wireless Android Auto. It enables you to go hands-free and cord-free. Additionally,...
Carlinkit Tbox UHD Android 13 with HDMI Carplay AI Box

Carlinkit Tbox UHD Android 13 with HDMI Carplay AI Box

$459.00 USD$195.00 USD
What is Carlinkit Tbox UHD? The Carlinkit Tbox UHD is an upgraded version of the Carplay AI Box, featuring a standalone Android 13 system that allows you to watch videos...

Carlinkit Tbox Plus Android 13.0 Carlinkit AI Box-Wireless Apple Carplay & Android Auto

$459.99 USDFrom $145.00 USD
What is Carlinkit Tbox Plus? Carlinkit Tbox Plus supports both wireless Carplay and wireless Android Auto.  It is compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones. You do not need to...
Carlinkit Tbox Lite CarPlay AI Box

Carlinkit Tbox Lite Android 10.0 CarPlay AI Box

$119.00 USD$89.00 USD
Wireless Connection Enjoy the convenience of wireless CarPlay and Android Auto support. Say goodbye to the hassle of wired connections—once you've set up the Carlinkit Tbox Lite, it automatically connects...