How to Upgrade Carlinkit Firmware?

How to Upgrade Carlinkit Firmware?


Firmware upgrades are essential for maintaining the performance and functionality of your Carlinkit wireless adapter. With different models of Carlinkit adapters on the market, it's important to understand the specific firmware upgrade methods for each.

Why Upgrade Firmware?

Upgrading firmware can improve performance, update new features, and fix bugs.

Note: There are risks associated with firmware upgrades. If your wireless adapter is working fine, we do not recommend upgrading the firmware.

How to Get the Carlinkit Firmware?


For safety reasons, we do not directly list firmware files on our website. This is because many customers may not correctly identify their product model and version, leading to potential issues if they directly download and upgrade the wrong firmware. Instead, please send your product model and any issues you're experiencing to Our support team will respond within 24 hours with personalized instructions.

How to Upgrade Firmware?

After obtaining the firmware file, please carefully follow the provided instructions, as this will help minimize associated risks.

Carlinkit 3.0/ 4.0 Upgrade Firmware Tutorial.

Carlinkit 5.0 Upgrade Firmware Tutorial.

Carlinkit CCPA Upgrade Firmware Tutorial.

Carlinkit Tbox Series Model Upgrade Firmware Tutorial.

Carlinkit T2C for Tesla Model Upgrade Firmware Tutorial.


From time to time, our engineers release firmware files to improve products performance, and fix bugs. By following the guidelines and instructions provided, we hope you can safely upgrade your adapter's firmware and enjoy the latest features and improvements.


1. Are firmware updates free for Carlinkit adapters?

Yes, firmware updates for Carlinkit adapters are free of charge.

2. What are the risks of updating firmware?

Firmware updates can potentially cause issues if not done correctly, such as device malfunction. However, following instructions carefully can minimize these risks.

3. Can I revert to the previous firmware version if I encounter issues?

Yes, you can. However, it's generally not recommended due to potential risks. If you encounter issues after updating, please contact our support team for assistance.

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