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CPC200-T2C For OEM Tesla upgrade with Wireless Carplay/ Android Auto

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What is Carlinkit T2C?

The CPC200-T2C Wireless CarPlay Adapter is specially designed for Tesla. By connecting to the car's USB port, the original car can be upgraded to wireless CarPlay/ Android Auto. Connects seamlessly to your iPhone every time when you get in the car. It provides a more convenient driving experience for you.

 Fast connection, Plug and Play.

To convert Apple Carplay/ Android Auto from wired to wireless, all that is required to do is connect the device to the USB connector port of the vehicle.

 Online navigation. 

You can select your preferred map from options like Google, Apple, Waze, etc. Freedom to travel and avoid congestion.

 With T2C, makes it easier and safer to drive.

With Carlinkit T2C wireless carplay adapter, you get a better experience using features like Siri, listening to music, or making phone calls.

Split Screen.

It allows you to split your screen between two and three apps at a time. You can have driving directions in one window, control music in another, and view your upcoming meetings from your calendar at the same time.

 Support to change your CarPlay wallpaper.

 Keep the original audio and control.

The T2C Adapter maintains all the original car's characteristics, is compatible with the original microphone, keeps the sound quality of the original car, and works with the steering wheel, buttons, knobs, and other original car operation mechanisms.

T2C connection steps:

1. Insert the SIM card into the card slot of the T2C and connect the product.
2. Open the car's Wi-Fi interface and connect to the T2C hotspot signal.
3. Input "" in the car browser.
4. Search the device in the Bluetooth list on your iPhone and then pair it.
5. Wait a few seconds to enter Carplay.
6. After entering Carplay, search and pair with the mobile phone Bluetooth in the car Bluetooth interface.

LED Instructions:

Condition Of Use:

Support Tesla Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y, and more Tesla models.

Support iPhone 6 & IOS 10 or above and Android phone with Android 11.0+.


1. Since T2C is used to enter the CarPlay system by opening a browser, please make sure that the car can open the browser while driving. If the browser cannot be opened, CarPlay cannot be used in this case. The following countries and regions cannot use our T2C products: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, and Israel.

2. The latest version of T2C support using it without any SIM Card.

What's in the box?

Packing box * 1, Product * 1, Data cable * 1, Product manual*1

Product Specifications:


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
CarlinKit T2C

It was simple to set up the T2C. It took ten minutes to get everything operating, including updating the software. Adjusted the display to HD and the refresh rate, or whatever they called it, to "fast," and it worked flawlessly, was as smooth as butter, and looked sharp. Without any complaints.

Wireless carplay is here

Installed the T2C for my Tesla Model 3 and worked perfectly.

Rushan K
Brilliant Device

It works great after upgrade the latest firmware.

Daniel W
Deal was worth every penny.

I've had my car almost two years and have been through a lot of solutions to get CarPlay. This is the best I've tried so far.

Chad Decker
It works well

Non-destructive install using Carlinkit T2C. Got wireless CarPlay running so I can now preferentially use Waze. After downloading the latest firmware and the dongle supports sim-card free.