What can I do if the screen is black after the mobile phone is connected?

What should I do when I have black screen problem while using the dongle? The following solutions may be able to help you.

Firstly, try to restore factory settings, restart the car.

If the problem is still not resolved, you can try the following methods:

1. Turn off the "Handbrake Setting" of the vehicle or turn on the "View video while driving".

2. Open Autokit settings.

3. Select the "Software" option in the Decoding Method.

Autokit-APK Setting

4. Click the Advanced Settings and then select "weak" in the charging mode.

5. Select "Others" in the rendering mode.

6. Clearing the APK cache. (Settings → Application → Storage → Erase data)

7. Please update the APK and the box software to the latest version.

Autokit-apk upgrade
8. Please ensure that the battery of the mobile phone is above 30%, and do not turn on the power-saving mode.

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