T2C CarPlay for Tesla, first connection, tutorial

Adapter for running CarPlay on Tesla, first time connection tutorial.

Text version of the tutorial, written in great detail in order to avoid mistakes as much as possible.

1. Insert the sim card into the SIM card slot of the product according to the direction indicated (please make sure the sim card can provide mobile data)

2. Connect the product to the car's USB/Type-C port through the data cable

3. Click in the lower left corner of the car screen to bring up the settings menu, click in the upper right corner to open the Wi-Fi search bar, search for the product Wi-Fi signal: AutoKit-xxxx, enter the original password: 888888888 (after the Wi-Fi connection is successful, be sure to check the "Stay connected while driving")

4. On the car side, enter tespush.com in the browser address bar to enter the connection interface

5. iPhone, turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, in the Bluetooth list, find the Bluetooth name displayed on the car screen: AutoKit-xxxx, click connect. After successful connection, confirm the CarPlay connection prompt on the cell phone, then you can enter wireless CarPlay.

6. iPhone, after the car screen enters wireless CarPlay, cell phone Bluetooth connects to the car Bluetooth

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