How can I reset and restore the factory settings of the product?

Sometimes the dongle will be unstable after a period of time, such as: audio and video being delayed; the connection is often dropped or the car's screen does not display...

For this kind of problem, the following solutions may help you

Restore steps:

1. Log in to the upgrade interface.
After the product is connected to the car successfully, please scan the QR code in the product manual with your mobile phone or input in the mobile browser to log in to the product upgrade interface.

2. Log in to the product setting interface
At the bottom of the upgrade interface, there is a blue "Check for updates" button and a white Settings logo, please click the "Settings" logo to log in to the product setting interface.

3. Start the rollback procedure
Swiping down the page in the setting interface, finding the Rollback option, click the blue Roll back the version to 2021.07.05.2308 button, and then the interface will pop up the message "Roll back the version to 2021.07.05.2308?" Please click "ok" to start the rollback procedure.


4. The rollback procedure is successful.
It takes a certain amount of time to roll back the version, please wait patiently. After the rollback is successful, you need to re-connect the dongle and the car like the first time you do.

Reset steps:

1. You can scan the QR code on the product's manual and input in your mobile browser to log in to the backend

2. Click the Settings button on the page, and then click the Reset button in the upper left corner of the Settings page.

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