T2C burning firmware using a PC.

1, Install PhoenixSuit software (the software only supports Windows system)

2, After PhoenixSuit is successfully installed, click on "Firmware" "Image" in the software and select the received "IMG" format firmware.

3, In the T2C case, find the reset hole (located on the side with the product information), insert the Sim Eject Pin / paperclip (there is an on/off feeling at this time), do not release it, at this time, connect the T2C to the computer USB port using the data cable.

4, PhoenixSuit will pop up the connection prompt, whether to format, YES (you can release the paperclip now)

5, click Firmware, enter the upgrade status, the upgrade process is about 6 minutes, at 7%, it will pause for a long time (the signal light will be off during the upgrade process).

6, after the upgrade is complete, the signal light will be restored

Video Tutorial: https://youtu.be/It6yPIlBo_w

Burning Software


Burning Files 1508 


Burning Files 1552 


1508 and 1552, respectively, represent two different versions of T2C, please use the firmware that matches the version, T2C version view method:

    1 out of ...

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