T2C CarPlay/Android Auto Disconnects During Reversing or While the Car is in Motion.

On your Tesla, if you experience issues with CarPlay or Android Auto disconnecting when in reverse or after driving, please follow the steps below:

1. Check if you have checked the "Remain connected in Drive" box when Tesla connects to T2C's WiFi. If you have not checked it, please do so.

2. If you have already checked the box and the issue persists, try disconnecting the Tesla from the T2C's WiFi network. Then, reconnect to the WiFi network and make sure to check the "Remain connected in Drive" box.

By checking this box, it ensures that the CarPlay or Android Auto connection remains active even when you are in reverse or driving. This should help resolve any disconnection issues you are experiencing.

3. Addressing Interference from Other Wi-Fi Networks:
In certain instances, Tesla vehicles may automatically switch Wi-Fi networks when the T2C signal is weak or affected by interference. This behavior can result in disconnections from CarPlay, Android Auto, or HiCar. If you have connected your Tesla to other Wi-Fi networks (e.g., iPhone hotspot, dashcam Wi-Fi), it is recommended to disregard or remove these networks. Follow these steps to do so:

a. Access the Connectivity settings menu on the Tesla touchscreen.
b. Locate the list of connected Wi-Fi networks.
c. Identify any other Wi-Fi networks your Tesla has previously connected to (e.g., iPhone hotspot, dashcam Wi-Fi).
d. Select these networks and choose the option to forget or remove them.
e. Ensure that only the T2C network is retained for connectivity.

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