Tesla Must Have Accessories: Enhance Your Ride Today

Tesla Must Have Accessories: Enhance Your Ride Today

Just got your new Tesla? Looking to get some essential accessories without breaking the bank? You’ve come to the right place! We've had our Tesla for over two years and logged more than 50,000 miles. After testing dozens of Tesla accessories, we've handpicked the most practical and indispensable ones for everyday use. Let’s dive into our top recommendations!

Tesmanian Tesla Floormats


One of the must-have accessories for any Tesla owner is a set of high-quality floor mats. While Teslas come with basic carpet mats, upgrading to premium floor mats will help keep your interior looking pristine. One of the best options is Tesmanian.

Tesmanian offers a top-style design that's great at capturing dirt, mud, and snow. Textured skid-resistant surface helps keep your feet stable and secure, while their easy-to-clean design makes maintenance simple.

Tesmanian Tesla Floormats

CNICK Tesla Smart Ring


A common challenge for Tesla owners is securely locking their valuables inside the car. Tesla's key cards are convenient but easy to forget. The CNICK Tesla Smart Ring offers a hands-free solution to unlock and start your car.

CNICK Tesla Smart Ring

It uses built-in NFC technology to communicate with your Tesla. A cool feature of CNICK products is that they don't require charging. They work like key cards, with an internal chip that can be set as your Tesla car key. If you lose the ring, you can revoke its access to your Tesla. The CNICK rings are compatible with all Teslas Models 3 and Y and Tesla Models S and X produced in 2021 or later. If rings aren't your thing, CNICK also makes a variety of smart band styles that work the same way you unlock and lock your Tesla.

Tesla Apple CarPlay Adapter: CarlinKit T2C


Most cars are compatible with CarPlay and Android Auto, making these features a staple for enhancing the driving experience. However, Tesla chose to develop its own software, using Google Maps for navigation. To get Apple CarPlay, Tesla owners either have to jailbreak their Tesla (which we don’t recommend) or use a third-party CarPlay adapter. Adding a wireless adapter is the simplest way to get wireless CarPlay or Android Auto in a Tesla.

Carlinkit T2C for Tesla Models

The CarlinKit T2C, designed specifically for Tesla models, provides a seamless solution. It connects via Bluetooth directly between the car and your phone, ensuring clear audio and full functionality for Siri, phone calls, and more. With this adapter, you can access the Google Maps app, including satellite view and live traffic updates, without needing to pay for Tesla's Premium Connectivity.

Apple CarPlay for Tesla

Marnana Tesla Fast Charging Wireless Charger Mount


Keeping your phone charged and easily accessible while driving is crucial, but Tesla's built-in wireless charging pad isn't always the most convenient. The Marnana Fast Charging Wireless Car Charger Mount has proven to be a game-changer for the on-the-road experience.

One of the standout features of this car phone holder is its foldable design. When not in use, it seamlessly folds away, leaving your car's interior clutter-free. This attention to detail highlights Marnana's commitment to functionality and aesthetics. When your phone is in the holder, it remains incredibly stable and doesn't move or bounce, regardless of road conditions. The magnetic mechanism is solid and reliable, providing peace of mind that your device is safe and secure. The wireless fast charging capability is the cherry on top, ensuring your phone stays powered up throughout my journey.

Marnana Fast Charging Wireless Car Charger Mount



Overall, the Tesla accessories mentioned above have become indispensable for us. They help keep my car clean, organized, and running smoothly, whether I'm commuting, road-tripping, or just running errands. If you're a Tesla owner, I highly recommend checking out these must-have items. And if you have any great Tesla accessory recommendations, feel free to share them in the comments below – we'd love to hear from you!
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