CCPA: How to upgrade the firmware offline?

For firmware files, please contact

1. Prepare a 32G or less USB Flash Drive, and right-click on the USB Flash Drive, formatted as FAT32 format (4/8/16/32GB).


2. The img format firmware into the USB Flash Drive (firmware name can not be modified, keep the name in the zip package) 

3. Connect the Carlinkit Dongle to a USB wall power outlet/ charger. Wait for the solid Red light. Please don’t use the USB port of the car or computer!!
4. Insert the USB flash drive into the Carlinkit Dongle and upgrade with lights flashing, do not power off, wait until the bright red light, and then wait 4 minutes to unplug. 
(If the USB flash drive meets the size and format, but the LED does not appear flashing phenomenon, please replace a USB flash drive)


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