Do Teslas Have Apple CarPlay or Android Auto?

Do Teslas Have Apple CarPlay or Android Auto?

Hey there, tech enthusiasts and Tesla lovers! Today, we're diving into a question that has been buzzing in the minds of many Tesla owners – Does Tesla have Apple CarPlay or Android Auto? Buckle up as we explore the world of infotainment systems, and connectivity options, and introduce a game-changer that could redefine your Tesla experience.

What excatly benefits does CarPlay offer?

CarPlay has become an integral part of modern vehicle technology, revolutionizing the way we interact with our cars and smartphones.

By connecting your car to the CarPlay system, essential smartphone functions such as calls, messages, music playback, and navigation become seamlessly accessible on the car's large screen. After the initial setup, users can operate numerous iPhone functions without lifting a finger to check the smartphone screen. This hands-free operation ensures that attention and focus remain on the road.


Do Teslas Have Apple CarPlay or Android Auto?

Unfortunately, Tesla doesn't currently integrate Apple CarPlay or Android Auto into its cars, despite numerous requests from owners. The company maintains its stance on this matter. 

Why does Tesla not have Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, AM radio, or satellite radio?

Many car owners were shocked that tech is all missing from this supposedly "leading edge" car. I think it basically boils down to three factors:

Strong Emphasis on In-House Software Development:

Unlike traditional car manufacturers, Tesla boasts a robust in-house software development team. They take pride in creating visually stunning and highly functional user interfaces that maximize the potential of their advanced hardware, including processors and displays. For Tesla, this is a strategic competitive advantage. Embracing the commonality of Android Auto/ Car Play would risk diluting their distinctive edge. While there are areas for improvement in their UI, Tesla aims to stand out rather than conform to the norm.

Unique Integration and Features Requirements:

Teslas demand a level of integration and specific features that aren't achievable with Android Auto/ Car Play. This is especially true when it comes to functionalities related to charging station routing and timing. While industry standards may evolve over time, Tesla seems unwilling to wait, prioritizing their unique features over industry conformity.

Future-Forward Approach:

Their forward-looking approach and commitment to innovation led them to prioritize their own software solutions, enhancing the user experience in ways that go beyond the capabilities of standard offerings.

In essence, Tesla's decision is a strategic move to maintain its distinctive position in the automotive landscape, pushing the boundaries of what its vehicles can offer.

How to use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto in Tesla?

Polish developer Michał Gapiński devised a solution involving the use of a Raspberry Pi. However, the entire process may seem a bit cumbersome.



Its principle lies in running Android within the Raspberry Pi, with the display output directed through the camera interface, and real-time streaming accomplished via the web. However, the user experience with this method falls short of ideal. The quality of the streaming visuals fluctuates with Wi-Fi signal variations; the smoothness of Android running on the Raspberry Pi is not optimal, and the overall system setup incurs a substantial cost. The joy of tinkering outweighs its practical utility. It's not recommended to specifically purchase a Raspberry Pi for this purpose, especially for those unfamiliar with the intricacies of firmware flashing.

How to get Apple CarPlay on your Tesla easily?

For Tesla owners, Carlinkit has developed a dedicated wireless connectivity accessory – the Carlinkit T2C. With the Carlinkit T2C, you can effortlessly enable wireless CarPlay and Android Auto on your Tesla's large screen, unlocking the full potential of its performance!

1. Tesla Connectivity with Carlinkit T2C:

Carlinkit T2C seamlessly connects to Tesla's large screen wirelessly. Once paired for the first time, it automatically reconnects on subsequent connections.


2. Phone Integration:

For iPhone users, Carlinkit T2C supports wireless CarPlay connections. Android phone users can connect wirelessly using Tesla-Box for Android Auto. Navigation, music, phone calls, voice recognition, and other mainstream in-car applications are fully compatible.

3. Model Compatibility:

Carlinkit T2C is currently compatible with various Tesla models, including Model Y, Model 3, Model S, and Model X. With few exceptions in regions where certain Tesla host browsers are unavailable, the device offers widespread compatibility.



And there you have it, folks! We've embarked on a journey through Tesla's infotainment landscape, explored the ins and outs of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and unveiled the game-changing Carlinkit T2C. If you're ready to take your Tesla experience to the next level, the door to connectivity is wide open. Dive in and discover a world where innovation meets familiarity, all at the tips of your fingers. Remember, investing in connectivity that enhances your driving pleasure for just a few tens of dollars is a decision you won't regret. Let's drive into the future together! 🚗💨


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