FAQ - U2W plus(Carlinkit 3.0/ 4.0)

2. Android Auto Tips for CP2A: "Please use your phone to connect to Bluetooth".

3. IOS16, What should I do if CP2A stops working/lights up red/can't search Wi-Fi?

4. CP2A steering wheel does not control answering calls and volume level.

5. CP2A can't automatically connect to Carplay/ Android Auto.

6. CP2A HUD doesn't show information.

7. After a period of time, the car loses connection with CP2A, with no Bluetooth/no Wi-Fi signal.

8. CP2A can't wake up SIRI / Can't hear the other on the phone / play music with no sound.

9. CP2A touchpad cannot be used?

10. CP2A screen appears Hardware /Wi-Fi /BT Error?

11. CP2A plays music lagging.

12. CP2A wireless Android Auto screen stuck?

13. CP2A screen display not clear/ blurred.

14. CP2A knob can't make menu selection in wireless Android Auto.

15. CP2A Needs to reinsert the CP2A each time for the car to recognize it.

16. CP2A can't connect to wireless CarPlay?

17. CP2A can't connect to Android Auto?

18. CP2A connecting to CarPlay/Android Auto, getting dropouts and restarts?

19. How to change the split screen display to full screen in Android Auto?

20. CP2A got a black screen after connecting to CarPlay/Android Auto.

21. Navigation app delay, like Waze/Google map.

22. Android Auto, the screen is deformed, the icons are too large, the resolution is not normal, what should I do?

23. “Please turn off Wi-Fi and use traffic for related operations”.

24. CP2A can't access the backstage of the product website, even follow the correct steps.

25. How to Upload Log.

26. How to update online.

27. How to access the web backend/

2. How can I get my phone connected and use wireless CarPlay?

3. How do I change the language settings after connecting the dongle?

4. How do I reset my product?

5. About System Backend Setting.

6. How can I upload the log?

7. What should I do when I connect the dongle to the car but it shows a black screen?

8. Voice or multimedia sounds have delayed problems.

9. What can I do if Google Maps or Waze delays while navigating?

10. Dongle Connection Problem.

11. Online firmware update tutorial.

12. Offline firmware update tutorial.

13. Order Tracking.

14. When I use wireless Android auto with Carlinkit 4.0, does this device allow you to adjust the display to use the entire screen?

15. How to change the Name of the Device from e.g.TOYOTA-XXX to another Name?

16. How to change the dongle video resolution of the car?

17. How to delete CarPlay connection history on iPhone?

18. As for the backend, what are those option settings mean?