How to download and install Autokit.APK?

The address of downloading APK: (Please copy the URL to the new browser page to download)

Method 1: Download the APK on Car Browser.

1. Click the browser on the car, enter the download link, and download APK. (Your car must connect to the network.)

Autokit-Download APK

2. Click the “Download Directory” to find the downloaded APK file, then click Installation.

Autokit-Download APK


Method 2: Download the APK on your computer, copy it to a USB flash drive, and then install it.

1. Enter the download address on your computer browser, downloading the APK to your computer, and copy it to a USB flash drive.


Autokit-Download APK

2. Insert the U disk into the USB interface of the car, find the U disk directory in the “File Manager”, and click the APK file to install it.

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