How to download and install Autokit.APK?

How to download and install Autokit.APK?

The address for downloading

APK: (Copy the URL to the new browser page to download)

Method 1: Download the APK on the Car Browser.

1. Click the browser on the car, enter the download link, and download APK. (Your car must connect to the network.)

Autokit-Download APK

2. Click the “Download Directory” to find the downloaded APK file, then click Installation.

Autokit-Download APK


Method 2: Download the APK on your computer, copy it to a USB flash drive, and then install it.

1. Enter the download address on your computer browser, download the APK to your computer, and copy it to a USB flash drive.


Autokit-Download APK

2. Insert the U disk into the USB interface of the car, find the U disk directory in the “File Manager”, and click the APK file to install it.


The new version of Autokit (CPC200-CCPA) built-in APK installs the pack, just find it and install it.

In conclusion, if you own an Android head unit, you can install Autokit. APK. If you have any interest in our Carlinkit wireless carplay adapters, visit our website to apply the exclusive 15% discount code "Autokit" during checkout. Upgrade your driving experience with Autokit today! Happy driving with Autokit!


16 thoughts on “How to download and install Autokit.APK?


Hi Hebe
To assist you better, please provide the following information:

1. Your car model and year;

2. Your Phone system version.

3. Does your car have factory-wired Carplay or Android Auto?

4. Please kindly describe the problem in detail, it would be better if you could send us pictures or videos.
In order not to miss your message, technical questions are recommended to be sent directly to our email address. <>

December 21, 2023 at 01:33am

Hi Yazan
Generally, the Tbox Plus is compatible if your car has factory-wired Carplay or Android Auto.
If you would like to purchase our product, you may use the code Kris18 to get 18% off on <>

December 21, 2023 at 01:33am

Does the tbox plus work on BYD SONG

December 21, 2023 at 01:21am

اشتريت الجهاز ولا يعمل سامسونج A51 اندرويد ١٣

December 21, 2023 at 01:23am

Hi Ahmad
If your car has an Android head unit with Android version 4.4 or above, you may download the apk through the method above.

September 7, 2023 at 01:58am

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