How to remove audio lag in CarPlay with the Carlinkit CCPA dongle (Autokit)?

Are you experiencing audio lag in CarPlay, especially during phone calls and music playback?

Here is the solution you can try:

1. Upgrade the APK to the (2023.03.20.1121) version.

2. And then click Settings, there is a media delay in the advanced settings, please try to set it to 1000.

Additionally, one of our customers shared their experience and tips on how to resolve this issue with the Carlinkit CCPA dongle (also known as Autokit) on an Android head unit. Read on to learn how to improve your CarPlay experience.

Customer Share:

I recently switched from using the built-in CarPlay app Zlink on my Android head unit to the Carlinkit CCPA dongle for CarPlay. One of the main reasons for this switch was the audio lag issue commonly experienced with CarPlay on Android head units, especially with wireless CarPlay.

After some experimentation, I found a solution that significantly reduced the audio lag. This is what I did: In the recent versions of Autokit with a recent version of the box firmware, there is an advanced option to route audio through car Bluetooth instead of through the box. (not sure exactly what version you need, but the latest versions have this option)If you select this, you need to connect your phone to the head unit Bluetooth also, not only to autokit's box Bluetooth (you connect to box BT for Wireless)

Doing this allows for all audio to go through the head unit's Bluetooth which is basically lag-free.


1. No more lag when switching music or making calls, even in wireless CarPlay mode.

2. Improved call quality and responsiveness.

3. Enhanced integration with the head unit's display, showing artist and track names.

4. Improved echo cancellation, resulting in clearer phone calls.

Beware the following:

- When using BT to listen to music, the volume on the phone matters, so make sure to turn it up to max. This volume level will be saved separately from usual phone volume though, so it's not a problem.

The latest version of Autokit didn't find box updates for me, so if this option is not in the advanced settings, you might need to revert to an older version and use that to update the box, then update the app.

- After making this setup and trying to make a call, you might not hear anything, as the phone might use the carplay connection instead of the Bluetooth connection. Just switch the output from the phone "audio" button, and it seems to remember it for the next time.

- Depending on the head unit and the software, when you get a call with this setup, the head unit might decide to switch to its own Bluetooth phone app or just show an overlay. If it switches and it bothers you, try to find a solution specific to your unit. If it's an overlay and you want to remove it, what worked for me was going into Android settings for app permissions and removing permission to draw over other apps for the unit's Bluetooth app.

We hope these tips help you resolve any audio lag issues you may be experiencing with your CarPlay setup. Enjoy a smoother and more enjoyable driving experience with your Carlinkit CCPA/ Autokit USB adapter!
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