How to upgrade the APK and Dongle?

Autokit.apk/app and dongle support online upgrades to achieve better work performance.

Upgrade APK:

1. Unplug the dongle.

2. Enter the APK settings, find the "Check updates" button, and you will see the prompt of the latest version.

Autokit-upgrade apk

3. Then click update and the APK is updated.

Upgrade dongle: 

1. Plug in the dongle to the car.

Autokit-insert the Dongle

2. Enter the APK settings and find "Check updates", you will see the latest box version, and then click Update.

Note: Upload log function: If there are still some minor problems after upgrading the latest version, please upload the log. It will collect your use problems that occur when using carplay. Our engineers will research the solution and add it to the next upgrade version, so that we have the opportunity to solve this problem.


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2 thoughts on “How to upgrade the APK and Dongle?


Hi Alex
Did you purchase a CCPA for the 2016 Honda Pilot Elite? CCPA is only compatible with aftermarket head units with Android system 4.4 and above.

August 31, 2023 at 00:32am
Alex khaytovich

I see there’s an update for the box and autolot on my HU, however when I try to update the dongle, all it does it download the software to the HU but doesn’t apply to the dongle. Also, if I try to update autokit to 2023.03.17.0927 from 2019.08.12.1713 it downloads the update payload but the install button is greyed out. This is on a 2016 Honda pilot elite. Thanks.

August 13, 2023 at 18:46pm

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