How to check my order?

For package status tracking, please refer to:

If you check the delivery information that shows it is still delivering. Perhaps you can call the courier’s customer service to follow the delivery directly. Hope that can help you.

Courier's Customer Service Hotline:

Country  Contact information
 United States Postal Service  1-800-275-8777
 Canada Post  1-866-607-6301 
 Australia PFL  +61 2 8355 1956
 Netherlands DHL Express  +31(088-345 43 99/
0900222 2120
 Poland Post  801 333 444
 Canadian Customs  (+1 613) 952 21 34
 From outside Canada: 
 Call 1 800 O-Canada from abroad"
 Ireland Post  (+353 1 ) 705 7600
 Ireland Customs  (+353 51) 862850
 India Post  1800 266 6868/
 1800-11-2011(For International Mails)
 Oman Post  24170444
 Oman Customs  (+968) 2451 0311
Russian Post (+7 495) 744 55 44

If you can't find the logistics contact information of your location in the above form, please send an email attaching your order number to the email "" to contact us, we will check for you as soon as possible after receiving the email.

The Tracking URL:

 United States Postal Service
 Canada Post
 Australia PFL
 Poland Post


Note: With the busy season shipping time, there may be a delay in international parcel delivery times. Sometimes, the shipping information may not update so promptly, please keep your patience and wait for a few more days.

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