How can I upload the log if I am using T-Box?

Steps to upload log:

Steps 1. Format the TF card as"FAT32".

Steps 2. After connecting the T-box to your car, operate your car again to make the problem you encountered before reappear.

Steps 3. Insert the TF card into the T-box, and then the bottom of the screen will display the log copy completed.

T-box insert SIM card

T-box insert SIM card

T-box insert SIM card

T-box insert SIM card

For more detail about How to insert SIM card Video tutorial

Steps 4. Take out the TF card, compress the X7 log file and email it to Once we get the email, we will reply to you within 24 hours and forward the file to our engineer for further checking.

T-box insert SIM card

Video tutorial: Please refer to the video to upload the log.


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