Unable to obtain IP address Please check DHCP server settings

Using the T2C product, enter the T2C's Wi-Fi password on the Tesla screen and this prompt appears. 

If your T2C is not using a SIM card, but using iPhone's hotspot/Bluetooth to provide network traffic, please check that

- Whether the iPhone has turned on the hotspot

- Whether the iPhone has connected to T2C Bluetooth

- Please update the firmware to the latest version first and then try again


If your T2C is using SIM card

- Please upgrade the firmware to 22122411.1508.1 and above, iPhone after connecting to T2C's Wi-Fi, use Safari to access, turn off the BT modem option - off

- Please check if the SIM is providing network traffic properly and if it has any outstanding charges.


BT modem ON - Use Bluetooth/hotspot to provide traffic

BT modem OFF - Use SIM card to provide traffic

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