What if Tesla can't search the WiFi of the product?

 1. Tesla can not search any WiFi, including iPhone hotspot, at this time, please reset the Tesla car machine (reset method: first of all, put the vehicle into P gear, then press both hands while holding the two scroll wheels on the steering wheel press until the vehicle touch screen becomes black, touch screen becomes black after releasing both hands, later will complete the restart).

2. Tesla just can not search the box WiFi (Autokit - ****), please use your iPhone to search for the WiFi, and connect (password 88888888), WiFi connection successfully, Safari visit, in this web page will try to change the WiFi band to the 5G WiFi band in your country region. Such as 36/40/44 (Israel), and then try to search.

3. Re-unplug the T2C box.

4. iPhone access, submit a feedback/log and send your UUID to the after-sales person, they will analyze the log data and find a solution.
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