iPhone Settings

1.Turn on Bluetooth and wifi.

After plugging the device into USB port on the car, turn on Bluetooth and wifi. Then select the iPhone’s Bluetooth signal on your car, connect to your iPhone. The red light will flash which means the device is connecting.

2.Pair and use CarPlay.

Then the pairing information will pop on the iPhone, click "Pair". Bluetooth is connected, then the information will pop on the iPhone,click “Use CarPlay”. And the wifi is also connected to the car automatically. After connected successfully, the light will turn to green.


3.Keep CarPlay “on” before connecting to your car.

Before your connection, please keep the CarPlay “on” in your car and iPhone. Check that the CarPlay is opened in your iPhone, turn to  Settings>>General>>CarPlay


4.Change “Region” to get CarPlay in “General” Menu.

If you can’t see the “CarPlay” in the “General” menu, please reset the “Region”. Turn to Settings>>General>>Language & Region>>Region


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