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Carlinkit wireless Carplay & wireless Android Auto

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Autokit (CCPA) - Wireless CarPlay Dongle Special for Android Head Unit

Autokit (CCPA) - Wireless CarPlay Dongle Special for Android Head Unit

From $68.00 USD
Kindly note that CPC200-Autokit is basically out of production. We have introduced a new version called CCPA, which is an upgraded version of Autokit. There are two versions for you...
Carlinkit 2Air - Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto converter

Carlinkit 5.0 (2air): The Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto Adapter

$157.65 USD$72.00 USD
What is Carlinkit 2AIR? Carlinkit 2AIR is a new adapter that supports both Apple CarPlay for iPhone and Android Auto system for Android mobiles, also known as Carlinkit 5.0. You only need to...

CPC200-Tbox Plus Android 13.0 Internet AI Box-Wireless Apple Carplay & Android Auto

$459.99 USDFrom $155.00 USD
What is Carlinkit T-box Plus? Carlinkit T-box Plus supports both wireless Carplay and wireless Android Auto.  It is compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones. You do not need to worry about...

CPC200-T2C For OEM Tesla upgrade with Wireless Carplay/ Android Auto

$149.99 USDFrom $70.00 USD
What is Carlinkit T2C? The CPC200-T2C Wireless CarPlay Adapter is specially designed for Tesla models. By connecting to the car's USB port, the original car can be upgraded to wireless CarPlay/...

(U2W Plus) Carlinkit 3.0/ 4.0 Wireless Apple CarPlay/ Android Auto Adapter for Wired CarPlay

From $65.00 USD
Carlinkit 3.0/ 4.0 solves the problem of drivers who want to connect wirelessly to Carplay. Carlinkit 3.0/ 4.0 is an intelligent adapter that connects to your car's multimedia system and...

T-Box AR - Android 12.0 System Carplay HD Dash Cam 1080P AI Box

$499.99 USDFrom $155.00 USD
What is TBox AR? TBox AR is a brand-new smart AI box. It combines the functions of Carlinkit AI Box and 1080P HD dash cam. TBox AR is not only a...

Tbox LED - Carlinkit Android 13.0 AI Box - Wireless Carplay & Android Auto Adapter

$499.99 USDFrom $179.00 USD
What is Carlinkit Tbox LED? The new Carlinkit Tbox Led, aka the Carlinkit TBox Max, which supports wireless CarPlay and wireless Android Auto. It enables you to go hands-free and cord-free. Additionally,...

CPC200 - A2A Wireless Android Auto Adapter For Car With Factory Wired Android Auto

$69.99 USD
What is Carlinkit A2A? Carlinkit A2A is an intelligent adapter that connects to your car's multimedia system and creates a Wireless Android Auto connection with your phone using built-in Bluetooth...

Carlinkit U2W Mini2 / Wireless CarPlay Adapter Special for Apple CarPlay

$199.99 USD$60.00 USD
What is Carlinkit U2W Mini2? Carlinkit Mini2 is a wireless CarPlay adapter that converts wired CarPlay to wireless CarPlay. Using Carlinkit Mini2, you can easily connect your cell phone to your CarPlay wirelessly, and you are also able to...

T-Box Mini - Carlinkit Android 11.0 AI Box - Convert Your Car Screen to Android Tablet

$569.99 USDFrom $115.00 USD
Wireless CarPlay & Wireless Android Auto With the development of science and technology, the Carlinkit Tbox mini satisfies 98% of car owners to achieve wireless Android Auto and wireless CarPlay. You can...

(T-Box) — Carlinkit AI Box, Convert Your Car Screen to Android Tablet!

$399.99 USD$189.99 USD
Full Android AI Box ✅ Watching movies or TV shows via Netflix or YouTube while resting.✅ Listening to some music or podcast via Spotify.✅ Watching a live sports match.✅ Swiping TikTok.✅ Getting the best real-time route.✅ Play...