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Carlinkit wireless Carplay & wireless Android Auto

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Autokit (CCPA) - Wireless CarPlay Dongle Special for Android Head Unit

Autokit (CCPA) - Wireless CarPlay Dongle Special for Android Head Unit

From $68.00 USD
Kindly note that CPC200-Autokit is basically out of production. We have introduced a new version called CCPA, which is an upgraded version of Autokit. There are two versions for you...
Carlinkit 2Air - Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto converter

Carlinkit 5.0 (2air): The Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto Adapter

$157.65 USD$69.00 USD
What is Carlinkit 5.0 (2AIR)? Carlinkit 2AIR is a new adapter that supports both Apple CarPlay for iPhone and Android Auto system for Android mobiles, also known as Carlinkit 5.0. You only need...

CPC200-Tbox Plus Android 13.0 Internet AI Box-Wireless Apple Carplay & Android Auto

$459.99 USDFrom $155.00 USD
What is Carlinkit T-box Plus? Carlinkit T-box Plus supports both wireless Carplay and wireless Android Auto.  It is compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones. You do not need to worry about...

Carlinkit T2C For OEM Tesla upgrade with Wireless Carplay/ Android Auto

$149.99 USDFrom $70.00 USD
What is Carlinkit T2C? The CPC200-T2C Wireless CarPlay Adapter is specially designed for Tesla models. By connecting to the car's USB port, the original car can be upgraded to wireless CarPlay/...

(U2W Plus) Carlinkit 3.0/ 4.0 Wireless Apple CarPlay/ Android Auto Adapter for Wired CarPlay

From $65.00 USD
Carlinkit 3.0/ 4.0 solves the problem of drivers who want to connect wirelessly to Carplay. Carlinkit 3.0/ 4.0 is an intelligent adapter that connects to your car's multimedia system and...

T-Box AR - Android 12.0 System Carplay HD Dash Cam 1080P AI Box

$499.99 USDFrom $155.00 USD
What is TBox AR? TBox AR is a brand-new smart AI box. It combines the functions of Carlinkit AI Box and 1080P HD dash cam. TBox AR is not only a...

Tbox LED - Carlinkit Android 13.0 AI Box - Wireless Carplay & Android Auto Adapter

$479.99 USDFrom $169.00 USD
What is Carlinkit Tbox LED? The new Carlinkit Tbox Led, aka the Carlinkit TBox Max, which supports wireless CarPlay and wireless Android Auto. It enables you to go hands-free and cord-free. Additionally,...

CPC200 - A2A Wireless Android Auto Adapter For Car With Factory Wired Android Auto

$69.99 USD
What is Carlinkit A2A? Carlinkit A2A is an intelligent adapter that connects to your car's multimedia system and creates a Wireless Android Auto connection with your phone using built-in Bluetooth...

Carlinkit U2W Mini2 / Wireless CarPlay Adapter Special for Apple CarPlay

$199.99 USD$60.00 USD
What is Carlinkit U2W Mini2? Carlinkit Mini2 is a wireless CarPlay adapter that converts wired CarPlay to wireless CarPlay. Using Carlinkit Mini2, you can easily connect your cell phone to your CarPlay wirelessly, and you are also able to...

T-Box Mini - Carlinkit Android 11.0 AI Box - Convert Your Car Screen to Android Tablet

$569.99 USDFrom $115.00 USD
Wireless CarPlay & Wireless Android Auto With the development of science and technology, the Carlinkit Tbox mini satisfies 98% of car owners to achieve wireless Android Auto and wireless CarPlay. You can...

(T-Box) — Carlinkit AI Box, Convert Your Car Screen to Android Tablet!

$399.99 USD$189.99 USD
Full Android AI Box ✅ Watching movies or TV shows via Netflix or YouTube while resting.✅ Listening to some music or podcast via Spotify.✅ Watching a live sports match.✅ Swiping TikTok.✅ Getting the best real-time route.✅ Play...