Carlinkit Tbox Max For USA And Canada Network 128G
Carlinkit Tbox Max For USA And Canada Network 64G
Carlinkit Tbox Max For Other Country Network 128G
Carlinkit Tbox Max For Other Country Network 64G
Carlinkit TBox Max Android 13.0 CarPlay Wireless AI Box
The port of Carlinkit AI Box Wireless Carplay Android Auto Adapter
Carlinkit CarPlay Tbox Max Carplay AI Box Android 13.0
The back of Carlinkit CarPlay Tbox Led
The Back of Carlinkit CarPlay AI Box
The Box of Carlinkit TBox LED Android 13.0 Wireless Carplay Android Auto Adapter

Carlinkit Tbox Max - Android 13.0 CarPlay AI Box for Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto

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Version: Tbox Led (Ambient)

Tbox Led (Ambient)
Tbox USB (660)

Style: 4+64GB For Other Countries

4+64GB For Other Countries
8+128GB For Other Countries
8+128GB For USA & Canada
4+64GB For USA & Canada

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What is the Carlinkit Tbox Max?

The Carlinkit Tbox Max consists of two models: the Tbox LED (Ambient) and the Tbox USB. The Tbox USB builds on the Tbox LED by adding an extra USB port for connecting external devices. Both of them are Android 13 AI Box, enabling you to upgrade your wired factory CarPlay or Android Auto system to the latest Android 13 OS platform.


Built-in YouTube and Netflix, Download Apps Freely

Carlinkit Tbox Max offers access to countless apps in Google Play Store. Just tap "install" to get the apps you want.  Built-in YouTube and Netflix apps allow you to catch up on the latest shows and enjoy the pleasure. 


Built-in GPS + Glonass + Beidou positioning

The multi-navigation system of Carlinkit Tbox Max provides broader coverage, more precise positioning, faster navigation speed, and stronger resilience to interference. This results in a safer and smoother driving experience.


Enable Split Screen on CarPlay/Android Auto

Carlinkit Tbox Max CarPlay AI box supports split-screen function, letting you use navigation and enjoy music simultaneously on one screen without the need to switch between pages. This enhances the flexibility and convenience of your driving.


4.2+5.0 dual Bluetooth

Dual Bluetooth of  Carlinkit Tbox Max enables multi-threaded operation by linking two devices simultaneously, opening up a broader range of usage scenarios. You can easily use the optional Bluetooth remote or mouse to control gaming.


Support 4G Net/TF Card, High Specification Configuration

Carlinkit Tbox Max supports SIM card and mobile hotspot for network connectivity. It also supports external TF card up to 256GB. With a Qualcomm 8-core CPU, 2.4G+5G dual-band WiFi, and memory options of 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM or 8GB RAM + 128GB ROM, Carlinkit CarPlay AI box reduces response delays and achieves faster processing speeds.


LED Lighting Design

The LED Lighting of the Carlinkit Tbox Max helps you easily understand its status: it emits a blue light when plugged into the car and displays cycling-colored lights when successfully connected. The LED feature allows you to adjust the light ring on the outer casing to match your car's interior perfectly.

LED light display effects of Carlinkit Tbox Led

What's the difference between Carlinkit Tbox LED and Carlinkit Tbox USB?

The Carlinkit Tbox USB (660) builds upon the Tbox Led (Ambient), featuring an added USB port. This addition offers users the flexibility to connect USB drives, mice, and various other peripherals, enhancing its utility.

Differences Between Carlinkit Tbox Led and Carlinkit Tbox USB

Plug and Play, Easy Installation:


1. Plug the Carlinkit Tbox Max CarPlay AI box into the USB port of the car;

2. Click the “AutoKit" icon to enter the connection interface;

3. Turn on the Bluetooth and WiFi of your phone, and click pairing;

4. Enjoy your wireless CarPlay or wireless Android Auto.

Condition of Use:



1. Please ensure that you purchase the correct version for your country. The USA & Canada version is intended for use in America and Canada, while the Other Countries version is suitable for any country except the USA & Canada.

2. Our multimedia video box is compatible with factory-wired CarPlay or wired Android Auto systems. If your car is already equipped with wireless CarPlay or wireless Android Auto, our product will not be compatible with your vehicle.

Packing List:

Packing box*1, product*1, data cable*2, product manual*1


Product Specifications:


Carlinkit Tbox Max vs. Carlinkit Tbox Plus

The Carlinkit Tbox Max and Carlinkit Tbox Plus differ in both appearance and chipsets. Regardless of which one you choose, both the Carlinkit Tbox Max and Carlinkit Tbox Plus are excellent CarPlay AI Boxes. They are solid, stable, and handle video playback very well.

The difference between Tbox Max and Tbox Plus

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kwame Johnson
Perfect Product

I initially purchased a Carlinkit for my 2022 Ford F450, and it performed really well.
Recently upgraded to a 2023 F450 with a 12-inch screen, and my second Carlinkit is just as impressive!
The packaging was great, the product is fantastic, and it works like a charm. A+ for customer support!

Dmitry Miller

Tbox LED - Carlinkit Android 13.0 AI Box - Wireless Carplay & Android Auto Adapter

Mauro Valentini
Tbox LED Carlinkit Android 13.0 All Box Wireless

Uno strumento eccezionale, ho trasformato il mio display auto da 11 pollici in un tablet. Avevi acquistato già il 5.0 ma il Tbox e un altra cosa. Anche il prezzo eccezionale.


Tbox LED - Carlinkit Android 13.0 AI Box - Wireless Carplay & Android Auto Adapter


Tbox LED - Carlinkit Android 13.0 AI Box - Wireless Carplay & Android Auto Adapter

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Everything works as it did when I plugged in my iPhone to my car's USB port, including Apple Maps, Google Maps, Spotify, Apple Music, apps, Siri, and even voice search in Google Maps.

Carlinkit's Honor


Carlinkit founded in 2014.

6 Years

Focused on CarPlay and Android Auto for 6 years.


Providing 3.2 million cars with an excellent driving experience.

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My answer is YES. It eliminates the need for cables to link your Phone to the car, resulting in a cleaner-looking interior without the clutter of wires. They can integrate seamlessly with your car’s infotainment system without extra hardware, which makes setup easier.

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