How do I know which wireless dongle is suitable for my car?

All Carlinkit models

How should I choose the correct product for my car? Do they all support my iPhone or Android phone? 

1. For OEM Car Radios which support wired CarPlay👉: Carlinkit 3.0/ 4.0 or Carlinkit Mini2

Your car has Apple Carplay only, but you want Android Auto? Carlinkit 4.0 is the answer! You can convert your Apple CarPlay infotainment unit to Wireless Android Auto! Carlinkit 4.0 supports both Apple CarPlay for iPhones and Android Auto system for Android mobiles, while Carlinkit 3.0 and Carlinkit Mini2 only support Apple CarPlay for iPhones.

Comparison of features between Carlinkit 3.0, Carlinkit 4.0, and Carlinkit Mini2

2. Upgrade wired Carplay or wired Android Auto to wireless👉: Carlinkit 2air

Comparison of features between CPC200-2air and CPC200-CP2A

3. For OEM Car Radios which support wired Android Auto👉: Carlinkit A2A

Applicability conditions for Carlinkit A2A

4. For Aftermarket Android Car Screen👉: Autokit 

Comparison of features between CPC200-CCPA and CPC200-CCPA-Mic

5. If your car has wired carplay or wired Android Auto, and you enjoy watching video in the car's screen, then you deserve the T-box dongles.👉 (T-box Plus/ T-box LED).

Comparison of features between Carlinkit Tbox Plus, Carlinkit Tbox Led, and Carlinkit Tbox mini
6. If your car has wired Carplay and you would like the functions of Carlinkit AI Box and 1080P HD dash cam, you deserve👉T-box AR.

Feature demonstration of Carlinkit Tbox AR Dash Cam

7. If your car is Tesla, then you can choose 👉Carlinkit T2C.

Different version selections for Carlinkit T2C
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