How can I get my phone connected and use wireless Carplay (first activation)?

For U2W Plus dongle connection, please follow the steps below for product linking:

Steps 1. First, please turn on CarPlay mode in your car and iPhone.

The car screen then asks you to plug in an Apple device to connect. Plug in the dongle and its Bluetooth will appear on the car interface. The dongle's light will remain red at this time.

Steps 2Please turn on Bluetooth and wifi on your phone.

After plugging the device into the car's USB port, turn on Bluetooth and wifi on your phone. Then select the iPhone's Bluetooth signal on the car's screen to connect to the iPhone.The red light flashes, which indicates that the device is being connected.

Steps 3Mobile phones are paired successfully and CarPlay is ready for use.

When the dongle finds the Bluetooth signal of the iPhone, the pairing information will pop up on the phone's screen. After the Bluetooth connect successfully, the iPhone will pop up a window, please click "Use CarPlay". Wifi is also automatically connected to the car at this time. The dongle light turns green.

Steps 4. Please keep your iPhone CarPlay in the "On" state until the device is successfully connected to your car. Leave your car and iPhone CarPlay "On" until you connect successfully.

To check the status, please go to Settings >> General >>CarPlay

Steps 5Change the "Region" to get CarPlay in the "General" menu.

If you can't see the "CarPlay" option in the "General" menu on your iPhone, you can move it to the corresponding position by resetting the "Region".

Setting path is Settings>>General>>Language and Region>>Region

Video tutorial:

iPhone Setting Blog link:


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